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Barolo Film Factory - The German film producer in the Dominican Republic

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The quality of Dominican movie productions has risen far above anyone’s expectations

All the movie producers who are contracted with barolo received a high education from either American or European film academys and have participated in various international star productions from which they gathered lots of experience.

The overall rise of quality of Dominican movies is undeniable and many of the films have proven themselves through multiple awards and nominations in various international film festivals, utimately concluding that their level of quality is at least as high as those from most european productions.

The carefully selected movies of our catalogue thrive in brilliant acting and vivid dialogues and are therefore a great adition to the program of European cinemas.

Throughout the last few years Dominican movie producers have created qualitatively sophisticated high budget feature films which deserve to be shown to a wider public.

The Dominican Republic offers a wide variety of landscapes: tall mountains, rivers, rich valleys, lakes, astonishing waterfalls, exotic rainforests, historic colonial city districts, a cultural overwhelming capital and beautiful beaches highlighting the bright sea.

Films such as The Godfather II, Havana, The Good Shepperd, Miami Vice, The Lost City, The Feast of the Goat, xXx : The Return Of Xander Cage and many more were filmed in the Dominican Republic.

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