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La Montana Barolo

Type: Dokumentary
Director: Ivan Herrera
Tabar Blanchard
Region: Dominikanische Republik
Year: 2013
Length: 84 min.
Language: Spanish, Engl. subtitles



Ivan Herrera


”The Mountain”

In May 2011, history was made when the flag of the Dominican Republic crowned the world’s highest mountain, Mt Everest, marking the first Caribbean expedition to reach the mythical peak. That mission inspired three young Dominican boys, fishermen’s sons, who set out to conquer the highest mountain in their country, and the Caribbean:
Pico Duarte.
The Mountain unites both missions, intercutting one with the other.
The result is an epic adventure, built on motivation, inspiration, determination and achievement.

Am 11. Mai wurde Geschichte geschrieben, als die Flagge der Dominikanischen Republik den h÷chsten Berg der Welt dem Mount Everest gehisst wurde. Von dieser Mission inspiriert beschlossen drei dominikanische Jungs den h÷chsten Berg ihres eigenen Landes zu erklimmen, den Gipfel des 3098 m hohen Pico Duarte.
Der Film “The Mountain” zeigt und vermischt beide Missionen.
Das Resultat ist ein episches Abenteuer voll Motivation, Inspiration, Entschlossenheit und daraus resultierendem Erfolg.

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Engl. trailer:

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 about Ivan Herrera

Ivan Herrera, Dominican director and producer, has over 20 years of experience in the audio-visual industry in Dominican Republic. He took part as producer in several European productions (Affaires ╔trangŔres, O¨ Es-Tu?, Ernstfall In Cuba...). As an assistant-director, he worked on renown Hollywood titles as Miami Vice, The Good Shepherd, as well as in the short film “Bandoleros” by Fast & Furious, directed by Vin Diesel. He also was the producer of the first Dominican movie directed by a woman, “La Hija Natural” by Leticia Tonos.

In the world of music videos, he worked with international artists from France, Lebanon, Netherlands, United-Kingdom, Morocco and Latin-America, among others. In 2012, Ivan directed “El Ave Del Paraiso”, a short-film that opened Fine Arts Festival in Dominican Republic. That same year he co-directed “La Monta˝a”, a feature film documenting the first Dominican expedition to Mount Everest in the Himalaya. This documentary has been pre-selected for the Goyas 2013. He also worked as a director of photography for documentaries in remote places such as Afghanistan or Indonesia. Recently, he produced TV commercials for “Beats By Dre” and musical videos for Little Dragon, Damian Marley, Lenny Kravitz and Skrillex. He also co- produced “Capture Land”, a short film by Nabil Elderkin, filmed in Jamaica for the annual convention of The Mandela Foundation in South Africa.

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