In memoriam Leo Kirch

Movie Agency

The Barolo Agency sells Dominican productions to various Licensees in the territory of the Agency.

Barolo operates as exclusive agent for the Licensors and its films in Europe
Broadcast Rights, Commercial and Non-Commercial Theatrical Rights, Commercial Videogramme Rights, Reproduction and Distribution Rights, the Right to Advertise and exploit Excerpts, Video On Demand Rights.


New movies in stock

Yuniol -Barolo Feo de dia lindo de noche -Barolo La mancha indeleble -Barolo
Locas y atrapadas -Barolo
Un pasaje de vuelta -Barolo Ya llega Diciembre -Barolo
Comitres y Galeotes -Barolo
Campeon -Barolo
La Montana Barolo
Stilt-walker Barolo Folklore Barolo
Record Barolo
A Orillas del Mar
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